Our first Dyno test on the K8 Hayabusa netted an awesome 171rwhp & 99.4 ft lbs of torque , an amazing result considering it has only travelled 260Kms , so it can only get better with some more K's under its belt.







Feeling the need for speed  , the SBP Hayabusa was moved to the service stand for some drag racing mods.

First up some lowering links and a strap for tying down the front end.
Next we added a set of Yoshimura RS3 slip on 's , a Power Commander , then a Quick Shifter for sure shifts , this allows clutch less shifts and with a reverse gear change (1st is up) it makes the bike more stable and less likely to wheel stand when launching and shifting over the quarter.
We also changed the gearing and pulled the axle to the rear of the adjuster. To take care of the traction a 180/55*17 Shinko rear tyre was fitted.

Back on the dyno for a  custom map using Tuning Link. This netted a respectable         175 + rwhp and 104 ft lbs , so now its off to Heathcote for some quarter mile action.

Heathcote Report 05/09
Well the SBP Hayabusa proved how strong it was with a great 9.56 @ 148.22 MPH  (238KPH) on only its 4th pass , including a 1.59 to 60 Ft and 118.64 (190KPH) to half track , yes that's right 190KPH from a standing start in 660Ft (201m) and all in just 6.23 seconds , these bikes are fast. Best light of the day .416 and a good time was had by all.

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