Frequently asked Dynamometer (Dyno) questions:

Q: Aren't dyno sessions for racers or those who are horsepower-crazed?
A: Not at all! While the dyno has gotten a bad rap in the past as strictly a horsepower measuring device, Dynojet's "cutting-edge" load-cell air/fuel type dyno has become the proper tuning tool for all bikes to provide crisp throttle response, and superb driveability.

Q: What can a dyno show me?
A: A dyno run will show you how important your bike's Air/Fuel ratio is as to how well it runs (How rich or lean your bike is running). Of course it will also show you how much horsepower and torque your bike develops and at what RPM.

Q: Why is the air/fuel ratio so important?
A: Your engine is essentially an "air pump". Ideal and theoretical numbers are derived for your bike for it to run it's best. If your bike is running too lean or rich, you will be able to catch it early before your motor suffers catastrophic and costly motor damage.

Q: Will running a bike on a dyno damage my bike?
A: No. Running a bike (and tyre) on a dyno is no harder on a bike than riding it on the road. If something is wrong with your bike, it is safer and easier to diagnose on the Dyno.

Q: Will my bike overheat on the dyno?
A: No. The Superbike Performance Dynojet Dyno boasts an extremely well force-ventilated space, and high-powered fans to keep your bike cool. We also monitor your bikes engine temp critically.

Q: How can a dyno session improve my bike?
A: A diagnostic session of three "pulls", showing most importantly an air/fuel readout, will allow Superbike Performance to show you critical areas in which to improve your power delivery.

Q: How does Superbike Performance maximize the fuelling of a modern fuel-injected bike?A: We specialize in building custom fuel maps for your bike using a "state of the art" Dynojet 250i dynamometer and latest fuel injection module (Power Commander IIIusb) utilizing "Tuning Link" (computer automated correction) software. This combination offers you precise computer generated/corrected fuel metering (in real time) to produce smooth, linear engine performance.
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