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Our K7 GSXR1000 shop bike made the remarkable figures of 163.3 rwhp with 77.7 ft lbs of torque as delivered..

We then added a Jardine dual slip-on extension and dynoed again with a quick reprogram of the std  ECU and it made 167.1 rwhp with a boost in torque to 79.5 ftl bs.

Well the PC3 USB arrived for the Gixer today so if the weather cools down a bit well get into some serious mapping before our trip to Victoria to run at Heathcote

Before heading off to test our shop GSXR1000 we needed to do some basic prep mods to make the bike more stable to ride on a drag strip. First we lowered the front by moving the fork legs up through the triple clamps thus lowering the front of the bike.

Next we fitted the APE
GSXR1000 lowering links
these dropped the rear of
the bike to match the front.


We added a  slip on
Yoshimura TRS pipe  a
Power Commander , and a
Quick Shifter for sure shifts. This allows clutch less shifts and with a reverse gear change (1st is up) makes the bike more stable and less likely to wheel stand when launching and shifting over the quarter. After some tidying up of the PC3 Map we netted a strong 171+ rwhp.

Heathcote 04/08
We headed off to the drag strip , and  after only 5 runs this amazing little GSXR turned in a great 9.86 Second pass @ 148MPH  at the time only 3 mph off the national record for B/SB a very satisfying outcome for the shop and for Jim Hanlon.


SBP shop bike gets record.

During Speed Week at Lake Gairdner between 9-13 March 2009 the K7 was returned to standard  for the P/P1000 class.

With a few mods and and a tune up it made 168 rwhp absolutely unreal for a bike with std mufflers. This setup achieved 180.469 MPH ( 290.43KPH) a great achievement considering the salt was not at its best.

This is the new record for P/P1000 showing yet again SBP are at the forefront of tuning development in SA.

SBP loses record

After Speed Week in 2010 the P/P1000 record now stands at 180.922 MPH

For all the records visit the DLRA page http://www.dlra.org.au/2009.htm