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Ben Rumsney   YZF-R1  

Some Specs

Akrapovic full Ti system
BST Carbon wheels
Ohlins front forks & rear shocker
Brembo Brakes
SBP Blueprinted motor
13.2: 1 CR / Flow ported cyl head / Kent Cams
Dynojet PC3 / Ignition module / Quickshifter
SBP Custom Dyno Tune

168 HP @ 80 Ft / lbs Torgue at the rear wheel on our Dynojet 250i.





Customers Letter to SBP

Hi Jim.

 The R1 was brilliant at Phillip Island last week, it pulled so hard I had trouble holding onto it! It was sliding in fourth coming onto the straight, then wheel standing into fifth and sixth with the quick shifter and full throttle up shifts. My corner exit speed was so much higher, especially out of southern loop and the hayshed, that I had to brake way harder to make Honda corner. The STM clutch came into effect as well, wagging the rear from left to right before peeling in. I did a 1.50.06 in the second session of the first day , five seconds faster than last year!. Then P.I. management took our transmitter away, but Iím sure I was quicker (and way smoother) on the second day. Thank you for creating such a monster. Youíre a legend. Keep your ears open for any YEC cams that might be floating around second hand, Iíve read that the exhaust one is a good, rideable mod.

Cheers mate,

Ben Rumsey.