The new Suzuki B-King is the latest addition to the SBP garage and as usual after a short running in period we dynoed the bike and the results were very good .
After the dust had settled we netted a very nice 162.2 rwhp  and 93.3 ft lbs  of torque. This bike has great potential and should yield more once a few more K's are onboard.

Well the King has over 8000k's on it now so its time for a quick tune of the std ECU using the Yoshimura Tuning tool , and again a great result for the SBP crew with the dead standard  B King making 164 rwhp and 95 ft lbs. of torque

With an exhaust and a full Power Commander tune-up this bike should see 170 Plus horse power and a jump in torque to match.

Phase 2

Continuing on our Upgrade path for the BKIng we pulled the motor out. After removing the head we bolted it to our porting stand and proceeded to improve the flow path of the inlet and exhaust , careful porting and checking on our Superflow 120 FC resulted in an additional 8 CFM .

We followed this with a slight face of the head by .010 and following this reassembled the motor . The cams were then dialled using adjustable sprockets to SBP Specs , and after reinstalling the motor we removed the bottom gear timing retard and optimised the fuel curve using the recently acquired tuning tool the ECU Editor program (thanks to Petrik) and a hardware interface to allow the tuning of many  GSX and GSXR models.
 (as well as some Kawasaki's call us for more info).
 This resulted in 170 rwhp and 102 ft lbs. of torque, still using the std air box and  exhaust.

Phase 3

We  fitted Yoshi mufflers under the std covers for that stealth look and back onto the dyno for some tuning. This netted us 176 rwhp  and 106 ft lbs. Next was the 50mm Ram tube from a GSX1100 Air Box for a total  of 179 rwhp and 106 ft lbs.

Phase 4

 A Yoshimura R55 full exhaust was purchased and fitted . Then on to the dyno for some serious tuning  to see what the tuning tool and new exhaust would bring. After  some adjustments to the timing and fuel balance and many more runs of testing result we ended up with 190 RWHP and 108 FtLbs. The most HP from a Busa motor on our dyno !.

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